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Utopia Thalang

Following UTOPIA’s successful development of the first 7 serviced apartment projects, following the market demand and the scarcity of local product lines, we developed a pure residential villa project in early 2020 that fully meets the improvement needs of the local high-end population. Including the long-term living of people from overseas to Phuket; due to the investigation of many foreigners who come to Phuket, these urban people are already tired of the urban squeeze of reinforced concrete, they no longer need a city living style but a returning to the original ecological life and switching between the city and enjoyment.

Phuket is the free and safe place

Phuket is the free and safe place they are looking for. We have appositely designed this villa project suitable for long residence into a pure Japanese simplicity style, the minimalism of Japan style and the pure nature of Phuket are the matching methods that all of us have been looking for. Today, the UTT presented in your eyes is the perfect combination of the two.

It is functionally positioned as a “just-in-demand villa” of 2/3 bedrooms and living rooms in pure Japanese style in Phuket. Just-in-time products for local residents in Phuket and at the same time, the “Second Home” product developed for overseas people and families, we call it “ The Plan B of your life”.

The location and the future of Phuket.

The entire project and public parts are designed in pure Japanese style, under Utopia’s name where always quality and timely handover are guarantee. The new project Utopia Thalang is different from the Phuket villa market; it has a very accessible starting price for a super high quality performance provided by the developer.

The project is located just 100 meters away from the main road in Phuket, road 402, quiet and green forests in the between. The coming of the new Phuket light rail station, going to be completed on 2023, the second stop is right in front of the door, the aorta where people in Phuket act! A calm Japanese village next to the incoming light rail station, ideal for those looking for to invest in land/property appreciation prices and close to the main transportation. The airport is just 10 minutes driving away, ideal place for Pilot’s home / official residence of airport personnel, airport town of airport and flight attendant management, etc. Direct access to American International Education the UWC International School is just 3 minutes drive; where a international education can be guarantee to the children of the villa’s owner. The main and largest golf courses in Phuket and in Thailand can be reached with a short drive, including Southeast Asia’s most famous Blue Canyon Golf Course. Large warehouse supermarket / easy shopping are located 3 minutes away, such Makro and Tesco and within a walking distance are conveniently located a 7-11 , KFC and AMAZON coffee shop.

  • 1. Phuket International Airport – 8.2 km
  • 2. Blue Canyon Country Club – 5.1 km
  • 3. Mission Hills Phuket Golf Club Resort and Spa – 3.9 km
  • 4. Bang Pae Waterfall – 5.0 km
  • 5. Laem Sai Pier – 6.9 km
  • 6. Thalang Post office – 100 m
  • 7. Cafe Amazon – 100 m
  • 8. KFC – 100 m
  • 9. 7-Eleven – 100 m
  • 10. Muangthalang School – 1.1 km
  • 11. UWC Thailand International School – 3.2 km
  • 12. Thalang Police Station – 5.0 km
  • 13. Thalang Hospital – 6.2 km
  • 14. Tesco Lotus Thalang – 6.4 km
  • 15 Makro Thalang – 6.5 km
  • 16. Home Pro – 6.7 km
  • 17. Robinson(Central) – 11.4 km
  • 18. Blue Tree Phuket – 12 km
  • 19. Porto de Phuket – 11 km
  • 20. Bang Tao Beach – 11 km
  • 21. Nai Thon Beach – 12 km
  • 22. Splash Jungle Water Park – 9.5 km
  • 23. Mai Khao Beach – 10 km

Facilities, Services and Benefits

Once the project will be completed in August 2020, the owners and tenants will definitely enjoy the 14.33 m. x 8.6 m. public swimming pool, the Japanese gardens nested between the villas, the public area, kids garden, private restaurants, coffees, shops and a 24-hour security. Free shuttle-bus to Maikhao Beach, to the airport and to Utopia Maikhao. Plus exclusively for Utopia Thalang, the residents can use for free all the facilities at Utopia Maikhao including big swimming pools, kids club, restaurant, clinic and pool bar.

Facilities, Services and Benefits

Our business plan is unique in that all our projects are all form part of a condominium hotel chain in Phuket. Once developed and sold, we continue to service and maintain the property as a 5-star hotel, so investors don’t have the headaches and expenses that usually come with property maintenance. They can also enjoy the benefits of 24-hour security, 24-hour reception, room services and transport that would be expected of any world-class hotel.